EU appreciates Pakistan's NAP for implementation of human rights; AGP

ISLAMABAD, Nov 4 (APP): Attorney General for Pakistan (AGP) Ashtar
Ausaf Ali Friday said the European Union (EU) Review Mission has appreciated Pakistan’s National Action Plan (NAP) for implementation of human rights in the country.

Talking to APP after meeting with the delegation of EU Review  Mission, the attorney general said the EU Review Mission has expressed  its satisfaction over the legislation for human rights in Pakistan.

He said Pakistan signed 27 international conventions and treaties  and the country has made obligations on labour, environment and other treaties in this regard.

Discussing the relations with EU, the AGP stated the incumbent government worked hard to improve relations with the EU as country’s relations were not better during the tenures of previous regimes.

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He said EU awarded GSP Plus status for Pakistan which was awarded
after achieving many indicators and milestones as lot of countries failed to get GSP plus status.

He said GSP status was awarded after attaining satisfaction level
of different indicators.

He said the Review Mission’s visit to Pakistan is a sequence of  yearly monitoring of progress on the treaties.

He said the mission’s officials interacted with various  ministries and divisions which was encouraging.

The attorney general said country’s trade with EU is increasing  day by day.

He said EU officials raised objections on death penalty in  Pakistan.

The mission was informed that EU has been engaged with various other
countries like India and USA where death penalty is being practiced, he added.

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He said EU was informed about India was violating Indus Waters
Treaty agreement.

“We have expressed our concerns and reservations over Indian violations  of Indus Waters Treaty,” he said.

He said EU was also informed about Indian interventions in  country’s affairs.

He said we have asked the EU to increase trade with Pakistan  instead of aid.