Ali Zaidi offers condolence with family of Jam Madad
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ISLAMABAD, Oct 14 (APP): Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs Ali Haider Zaidi on Wednesday said that the era of political thieves in the country has been ended and the law will take its due course in this regard.

In a statement on social media networking site, he said that “Prime Minister Imran Khan has stated again and again that he will not compromise on corruption and that law will take its course,” adding that “those who looted us will not be spared irrespective of who they are! in “Naya Pakistan”.

He said that there is a huge difference between “Thieves” and “political” thieves, adding that thieves steal money, bag, phones, but political thieves steal your future and everything else attached to it. “A thief chooses whom to rob. Sadly, society votes the political thieves into positions of power!” he added.

He said that ironically police catches ordinary thieves, but the same police ends up protecting and serving the political thieves. “Silly part of the entire issue is that society fights ordinary thieves but ends up fighting each other for the political ones” he said.