ISLAMABAD, May 24 (APP):As the nation celebrated Eid-ul-Fitr on Sunday, just a couple of days of a plane crash in Karachi and amidst fears and gloom of COVID-19, the otherwise celebratory and jovial Eid greetings of envoys in Pakistan also turned condolatory and gloomy.
Most of the messages, whether issued by their respective embassies or posted on the social media pages of the envoys were overshadowed by the condolence of plane crash tragedy and scare of the pandemic spread.
“We send our most sincere condolences to you, the families and friends of those who have died, and to the Pakistani people, particularly at this time of Eid,” British Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip said in a message to President Dr Arif Alvi shared by British High Commissioner Christian Turner on Twitter.
In his own message in Urdu, Christian Turner extended Eid greetings saying this was a difficult Eid as the plane crash tragedy hurt him a lot. He said as everyone has to observe social distancing due to COVID-19, it never meant the
distance among hearts.
The Eid message of United States (US) Ambassador to Pakistan, Paul Jones contained the announcement of a new American contribution of US $ six million to strengthen Pakistan’s response against COVID-19 as country’s tally of affected persons jumped around 55,000.
In a video message, German Ambassador in Pakistan, Bernhard Schlagheck, while extending Eid greetings said this was a particular Ramazan and Eid during coronavirus crisis.
But sometimes, extraordinary circumstances, including the precautionary measures and interventions in routine course of life brought in true spiritual value of the belief, he observed.
Australian High Commissioner to Pakistan Dr Geoffrey Shaw and his wife Gaynor Shaw donated 70 books to a Children’s Library at SOS Children’s Village, to entertain the children during closure of schools due to COVID-19.
Extending his warmest wishes to the Muslims, the high commissioner called for remembering those who lost their lives in the tragic plane crash in Karachi and to the COVID-19 pandemic.
“Islam has become the second most common religion in Australia, and more than 60,000 Pakistani Australians make up the largest of Australia’s dynamic Muslim communities.
Their contribution continues to be integral in making Australia one of the most successful and vibrant multicultural societies in the world,” he added.
On their social media pages, the embassies of China and the United Arab Emirates also extended their felicitations and congratulations to the leadership and people of Pakistan on the occasion of Eid.
Pakistan’s Ambassador to France Moin ul Haque conveyed warm Eid ul Fitr greetings to the Pakistani community of France but at the same time advised them to celebrate the festival with simplicity in this somber environment when the entire humanity was facing COVID-19 pandemic threat.
He called upon them to offer special prayers for the eternal peace of those who have lost their precious lives due to the pandemic.
He advised the community to observe this religious festival by following instructions and safety protocols announced by the French Government.
Pakistan’s High Commissioner in Colombo, Major Gen.(Retd) Muhammad Saad Khattak asked the community members that during Eid festivities, they must not forget the disadvantaged people suffering from COVID-19 and also those who had lost their loved ones in the plane crash.
“We can bring smiles to their faces through our sentiments of love and solidarity,” he said.