Efforts being made to re verify all CNICs without any hassle, discrimination: Senate told

ISLAMABAD, June 9 (APP): State Minister for Interior Balighur
Rehman on Thursday informed the Senate that efforts were being
made to re verify all Computerized National Identity Cards
(CNICs) without any hassle and discrimination against any

Winding up debate on an adjournment motion on
re verification of CNICs, the minister said that 96,000 blocked
CNICs would be verified through the new system.

He said that it was reported in January 2015 that CNIC of
Wali Muhmmad was dubious and blocked which reflected the
efficiency of NADRA system. His passport was made in 2011 and was
to expire in 2016, he added.

The minister said that there was zero tolerance against
corruption and those whose verified Wali Muhammad documents
have been arrested and investigation was underway.

He said the foreigners having Pakistani CNIC have been given
two month amnesty from July 1 to August 31 to surrender
their cards otherwise they would undergo 14 year imprisonment.

He said a free helpline for any complaint with regard to CNICs
adding that a message would be generated automatically and send
to family head for providing actual list of family members. If any
one found other than a family member, he will be identified, he added.
Balighur Rehman assured the House that the people would not
face any problem during the re verification of CNICs and NADRA
would develop such mechanism which would smoothly do the process.
He said that in future no CNIC would be blocked after complete re verification process.

Earlier, moving an adjournment motion, Muhammad Usman Khan
Khakar said the Computerized National Identity Cards (CNICs)
were proceeded through various stages, even then 200,000 CNICs
of Pashtons were blocked which was discrimination against them.

He said his party was alleged against pressurizing
National Database Registration Authority (NADRA) officials for
making Afghan refugees CNICs. He said that he and
his party were totally against issuing CNICs to Afghans or
other nationals. He said that the re verification of CNICs was
a conspiracy against Pashtoons and would open flood gate of corruption.

Minister for Port and Shipping Hasil Bizanjo said re verification
of all refugees should be conducted and all citizens should be
re checked as there were not people of others countries who were
residing in Pakistan.

He said Afghans Talibans were involved in terrorism related
incidents in Pakistan Re verification people would help
resolve our problems, he added. However, he said that
discrimination should not be done with any community.

Dr Jahanzeb Jamal dini of BNP M said over 4
million Afghan refugees have become part of our system and now we were bearing its brunt. He said that mostly Afghans refugees have
managed to secure Pakistani CNICs and they have occupied whole business in Quetta and other parts of the country.

He appreciated the Interior Minister for launching
re verification of CNICs and asked for blocking of all such CNICs
which were issued to Afghans refugees.

Sardar Azam Musakhel of Pakstoonkhwa Milli Awami Party said
that they were totally against to issue CNICs to Afghans or
Iranian people. However, he said that discrimination should not be
made with Pashtoons.

Farhatullah Babar said bulk re verification could lead
to mega corruption. He said that all CNICs issued to foreigners
should be blocked immediately. Gul Basra called for reforms in NADRA.

Dr Ashok Komar appreciated the government move to re verify all
CNICs. No foreigners could be allowed to get PakistanÆs CNIC, he added.

He said that it was the responsibility of the State to sort out
its amicable solution. Javed Abbasi of PML N said the government decided to re verify CNICs in wake of terrorism in the country. He said that all parties should be appreciated the move rather criticizing the government.

He said every one eulogized sacrifices rendered by Pashtoons
for the country. It was necessary to purge the country from
terrorists, he added.

Mian Muhammad Ateeq of MQM said as per
reports of sensitive agencies, scores of CNICs were issued to
the Afghans and others. He said that they would support government for blocking all such CNICs which were issued to the foreigners.

Mir Kabeer of National Party said law and order,
un employment and terrorisms were due to the unprecedented
influx of refugees in Pakistan.

He lauded the government for re verifying of CNICs. However,
he said that the people should be facilitated in this regard. Azam Khan Swati of PTI said it was an important issue. Such mechanism should be formulated which could stop getting passports on fake CNICs, he added.

Salim Zia of PML N said verification should be carried out
after every five years. He said that verification should be continued
as it would help purge the aliens and foreigners.

He said mostly these foreigners would involved in
terrorism related incidents. Illyas Bilour of ANP said they were in
favor to check out all CNICs.

Lt Gen (R ) Abdul Qayyum said that it was necessary to
re verify all documents including CNICs, Passports, Arms Licenses etc.
He appreciated the Interior Minister to take such bold
decision. The ministry in past also verified mobile SIMS, he added.

Daud Khan Achakzai said re verification issue was being
politicized. He said no punishment was specified in 2002 for those
who found involved in issuing fake CNICs, he added.

However, he said in 2008 amendment was made in NADRA rules
and proper punishment were proposed for those who were found
involved in issuing fake CNICs to foreigners.

Shahi Syed of ANP called for special features in CNICs to
locate a person in any part of the country. Hafiz Hamdullah of
JUI F alleged that people were unnecessary being teased on the
pretext of re verification of CNICs.

He said Pashtoons and people having turbine in Balochistan
were being teased and their CNICs were blocked. He said even
CNICs and passports of those were blocked whose grandfathers have valid passport of before partition.