Ambassador Hale inaugurates Rs 24 mln reconstructed Counter Terrorism Department Building

ISLAMABAD, July 11 (APP): The US Ambassador to Pakistan David Hale Monday said late Abdul Sattar Edhi has left behind a legacy of generosity, humility, and humanity and his loss will be felt throughout the world.

“We join the people of Pakistan and the Edhi family in
mourning the passing of this great man,” Ambassador David Hale said in a statement.

The US Ambassador expressing his grief over the passing of
Abdul Sattar Edhi said “his compassion for humanity was reflected in every aspect of his life.”

Edhi came from humble beginnings and saw great suffering
around him in his youth, and used those lessons to help others, he added.

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He said in over sixty years of philanthropy, Edhi shaped
charitable giving in Pakistan and with his wife Bilquis Edhi,
created the Edhi Foundation, which has provided humanitarian assistance to hundreds of thousands of people in need, both in Pakistan and abroad.

Ambassador Hale said whether creating the world’s largest
ambulance service, providing free and low cost medical care,
training nurses, or building rehabilitation and welfare centers
throughout the country, Edhi’s life work was devoted to providing assistance and care anywhere there was a need.

He particularly mentioned that in the United States, his
Foundation gave $100,000 for relief efforts related to Hurricane Katrina.