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ISLAMABAD, Jun 28 (APP): The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has announced a Civic and Voter Education Plan aims to provide information and contribute towards educating citizens about their rights in regard to elections and democracy for making electoral process more credible and accountable through their participation.

“The purpose of this plan to achieve the major objectives of maximizing the voters turnout in elections,minimizing the male and female gap in voting process and encouraging women and other underprivileged classes where they are prohibited to use their right of vote in a free, fair and fear free environment and to motivate urban well educated segment of population living in posh areas of large cities to actively participate in electoral process of next general elections” said Suriya Jamal,Additional Director General Public Relation of the ECP.

Civic Voter Education Committees will operate under the chairmanship of District Election Commissioner in each district of country. Other members may include staff of provincial and district departments, she said.

Suriya said that these Committees will be responsible to lead the voter and civic education work in their respective districts.

Committees will also be instrumental in expanding the ECP outreach to have more direct relationships with voters at the grassroots level through voter education planning and implementation regime for maximum yields, she added.

ECP will also organize training and seminars besides media campaign on state and private television channels and Radio stations., she said

The ECP will also coordinate with the Federal Education Ministry, Higher Education Commission and Provincial departments of Education to make appropriate amendments in the curriculum and syllabus for adding more targeted contents on elections and democracy, Suriya maintained.

ECP will prepare small documentaries, television commercials, public service messages to educate masses on voter and civic education related topics. The main content will include how to get registered as voter, why and how to cast vote, what is ECP and its mandate.