Eating dry fruits good for health: Experts

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ISLAMABAD, Mar 1 (APP):Health experts and research showed that, along with a healthy lifestyle, eating dried fruits can lower the risk of metabolic syndrome.
Research published in the medical journal MDPI showed that people with metabolic syndrome can lower their risk of disease by eating more dried fruits.
Metabolic syndrome includes obesity, high levels of certain fats in the blood, high blood pressure, and high blood sugar, the report said.
Dry fruits provide you with much-needed nutrients, vitamins, and warmth in the chilly winter season.
Dried fruits like pistachios, almonds, walnuts, cashews, apricots, and raisins can help control obesity, blood fat levels, high blood pressure, and diabetes.
Health experts advise using dry fruits for a better and more complete diet, as dry fruits are one of the healthiest alternatives to fried or oily snacks and a great way to satisfy your food cravings in the winter.
Instead of eating fried foods like chips, eating dried fruits can reduce the chances of getting sick, the report said.
Even young people in their 20s can benefit from eating dried fruits, and people in their 40s should eat them to avoid metabolic syndrome.
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