ISLAMABAD, Dec 30 (APP):Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has introduced a draft framework for test and development of future technologies, particularly for 5th Generation (5G) wireless networks in Pakistan.

Prepared by Licensing Division of PTA, the draft framework for 5G provides for use of radio spectrum on trial basis for non-commercial purposes.

It would enable execution of trials for innovative use of radio frequency spectrum and equipment/apparatus and academic purposes like radio concepts, scientific research, and new systems demonstrations.

In this regard, government of Pakistan policy directive based framework invites all stakeholders for participation in subject trials.

This document contains terms and conditions which shall be complied by an entity/organization which intends to conduct trials, demonstrate systems and/or services in Pakistan.

An entity registered with Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) and/or Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC), R&D Organizations and Academic Institutions etc. shall be eligible to
apply for test and development authorization.

According to the document, fast-paced growth in mobile data traffic and rising consumer demand for a better mobile broadband experience have rendered upcoming fifth generation of mobile technology as a need of the hour.

Seen as a comprehensive wireless-access solution with capacity to address the demands and requirements of mobile communication beyond IMT-2020, it is projected that this technology will operate in a highly heterogeneous environment and provide ubiquitous connectivity for a wide range of devices, new applications, and use cases,” states the authority.

As per details, IMT-2020 is a term coined by the Radio Communication Sector of International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in 2012 to lay down vision of “IMT for 2020 and beyond.” IMT
stands for International Mobile Telecommunications.

The ITU has developed a timeline that necessitates completion of the standard by 2020.

As for Pakistan, the PTA has underlined that scope of IMT-2020 is wider than prior generations of mobile telecommunication systems.

Moreover, the ITU has been making decent progress regarding its work on designing specifications for the IMT-2020.

It has also been collaborating with entire range of 5G stakeholders with associated spectrum management and spectrum identification aspects.

The telecom regulator terms IMT-2020 as foundation for all activities pertaining to achievement of goals in 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The framework also provides for temporary Test and Development licenses only that will detail criteria for provision of conditions, authorization, duration, and other terms and conditions.