Dr Nadeem to address global environmental conference

Dr Nadeem Jan
ISLAMABAD, Dec 03 (APP):Top leaders of global environmental organizations will join Pakistan’s Minister for Health Dr Nadeem Jan at the COP 28 conference in Dubai on Monday.
The minister will participate in a panel discussion to deliberate the urgent need for nations to reduce carbon emissions and purpose a way forward. In this high-level panel, the minister for health will emphasize the need for global efforts towards zero carbon emissions. Delegates from 200 countries around the world will participate in the COP 28 conference.
Dr Nadeem said that all participants of COP 28 aim to accelerate clean energy and transformation efforts in the future.He said that in the panel, an effective strategy will be formed to reduce the emission of gases that harm the environment.
He said that the panel will also emphasize the important role of the environment in reducing carbon emissions. He said that along with emphasizing the need to reduce carbon emissions, a comprehensive debate will be started on the implementation of the agenda. Dr Nadeem said that the event will pave the way for practical and concrete steps in COP 28 conference.
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