Dr. Gohar Eijaz for economic growth, industrial development in country

Dr. Gohar Eijaz

KARACHI, Sep 23 (APP): The Caretaker Federal Minister for Commerce, Industries and Production Dr. Gohar Eijaz conducted a series of pivotal meetings at the Governor House here Saturday for taking significant steps towards addressing critical issues and advancing economic growth and industrial development in the country.

In his first meeting, the minister was engaged in a constructive dialogue with the Chairman of the Trading Cooperation of Pakistan (TCP). He was briefed about the TCP’s concerns and challenges, which have impacted the efficiency of trade operations in the country.

Recognizing the importance of a robust trade ecosystem, the minister emphasized the interim government’s commitment to bolstering exports, enhancing Pakistan’s global competitiveness, and facilitating trade growth.

Furthermore, the conversion of industrial areas in Korangi and Landhi into modern industrial parks was discussed at length and the establishment of cold chains in Multan and Korangi was underscored as a key initiative to improve the agricultural productivity.

In his second meeting, he met with the Chairman of the Pakistan Pharmaceuticals Manufacturers Association (PPMA). He commended the pharmaceutical sector for its exceptional performance as one of Pakistan’s most dynamic and successful industries, playing a pivotal role in exports.

The meeting focused on the hurdles impeding pharmaceutical exports, including regulatory challenges and market access issues. The minister emphasized the importance of market development initiatives and committed to providing assistance for the timely issuance of urgent business visas for pharmaceuticals.

The minister was informed about the potential of exporting nutraceutical products from Pakistan to global markets which will be a great boost for exports.
In the third meeting, the caretaker minister was engaged with representatives from the Marine Fisheries Department,

Karachi Fish Harbour and fisheries exporters. He was apprised about the concerns of the Fisheries Department and the underlying reasons hindering seafood exports. The focal point of the discussion was the urgent need to install Turtle Excluder Devices (TEDs) in trawl nets, a critical step to address the United States’ ban on shrimp exports from Pakistan.

Additionally, Dr. Ejaz emphasized the importance of maintaining clean and hygienic conditions at the Karachi Fish Harbour to meet international export standards. This includes the stringent criteria for exports.

The minister was also informed about the untapped potential of exporting squid, octopus, and cuttlefish to China, offering an opportunity to enhance Pakistan’s presence in the Chinese market.

Thee meetings were marked by proactive discussions, reflecting interim governments unwavering commitment to addressing the challenges presented and effectively implementing proposed initiatives.

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