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Dr Faisal launches breast cancer awareness campaign at PIMS

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ISLAMABAD, Oct 13 (APP):Special Assistant to Prime Minister on National Health Services, Regulations, and Coordination Dr. Faisal Sultan on Wednesday launched a campaign to raise awareness about breast cancer at Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS).

Talking to media, Dr Faisal said that the subject of breast cancer was brought to the center stage due to the awareness campaigns.

He said the government was making efforts to strengthen the primary care centers and provide universal health care coverage to treat cancers of different kinds including breast cancer.

He said that the message against breast cancer was already being spread through different media platforms and with arranging of events to educate people.

He expressed the hope that with the increasing level of awareness about the deadly disease, many women could be protected from carrying this disease.

He said that the ministry was working to establish a database to identify the number of people affected by breast cancer.

Dr Faisal said that 90 percent of the patients could be treated with early detection of the disease. He said if detection of the disease would not be done on time, it could lead to death and enormous financial and social problems for affected families.

He said now citizens get universal health coverage for fatal diseases including breast cancer. He urged that no stigma should be attached to the disease and female affectees and family members should openly talk about it and women should do regular self-examination for early detection.

He urged citizens, religious scholars and media for playing their role in creating awareness about breast cancer and its early detection.

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