Dialogue at local bodies’ level must to achieve sustainable SDGs: NA Speaker

Dialogue at local bodies' level must to achieve sustainable SDGs: NA Speaker

ISLAMABAD, Feb 16 (APP): Speaker, National Assembly Raja Pervez Ashraf on Thursday said dialogue at the local bodies level was a must to achieve the targets set under the global sustainable development goals (SDGs).

Addressing at the conclusion of the one-day dialogue titled “Leading the Localisation of SDGS with the Parliamentary Task Force on SDGs” by the National SDGs Secretariat here, the National Assembly Speaker welcomed the negotiations at the local bodies level and commended the efforts of Convener, National SDGs Secretariat MNA Romina Khurshid Alam for taking the appreciable initiative of hosting the dialogue among the Speakers of the National and Provincial Assemblies.

Raja Pervez said dialogue and sitting together of stakeholders used to eliminate 80% of the issues, adding, “When you consult, it provides outcomes which is also the message of our religion Islam.”

He added that no communication and dialogue on pertinent issues never give any solution but rather worsens the crises. The speaker also said major problems could be resolved by collective thinking and wisdom and problem resolution was only possible with complete coordination from top to bottom.

Raja Pervez Ashraf said the aim of democracy was that these benefits should reach from the Parliament to Provincial Assemblies, District Council and Union Council.

Addressing the participants, he said, “Today, you must have consulted with each other and know what are the problems of the common man. Only a political worker can change the destiny of any country and every social worker is closer to a political worker, there is only a slight difference between the two.”

The speaker underscored that whatever endeavours were made by the elected representatives, could succeed only if their thinking was positive.

“Social workers, local bodies, and provincial assemblies can assist in making the country’s budget,” Raja Pervez Ashraf added.

The grassroots level representation at the Union Council stage needed to be made stronger for the strengthening of the democratic system that had to be started functioning from this very basic level, he added.

“Because the problems of villages, suburban areas, streets and common man are highlighted only from the Union Council level,” the speaker concluded.

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