Deputy chairman Senate directs NDMA, PDMA Balochistan to expedite relief efforts in Gwadar

Deputy chairman Senate directs NDMA, PDMA Balochistan to expedite relief efforts in Gwadar

ISLAMABAD, Mar 01 (APP): Deputy Chairman Senate, Mirza Muhammad Afridi on Friday directed the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) and Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) Balochistan to expedite relief and rehabilitation efforts in the flood-hit Gwadar with core focus on extending assistance to the deserving victims.

National Party (NP)’s Senator Muhammad Tahir Bizinjo on a public attention notice raised the issue of calamity-hit Gwadar that has been recently ravaged by torrential rains causing flooding in the entire port city.

Senator Tahir Bizinjo said that the coastal areas of the country particularly Balochistan have been badly impacted by the recent heavy rains and left Gwadar submerged under rainwater including houses, businesses, public property and infrastructure.

He alleged that the relief and rehabilitation efforts were slow and accused the NDMA, PDMA Balochistan and district administration of Gwadar of poor performance and conduct in the disaster-hit area.

He also raised his concerns pertaining to looting of relief money, resources and relief items to be sent for the flood victims of Gwadar and alleged that the relief assistance would not reach the genuine victims or impacted population.

The Senator mentioned that as per his sources, there was already shortage of food items leading to epidemics break out in the impacted areas. He vehemently demanded the quarters concerned to ensure provision of relief items to the impacted population and make proper measures in this regard.

The Deputy Chairman Senate on the occasion said that Chairman Senate Sadiq Sanjrani also informed him via phone call about massive rainfall in Chaghi and directed the PDMA Balochistan and NDMA to make necessary arrangements and ensure proper efforts to assist Gwadar flood victims.

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