ISLAMABAD, June 23 (APP):The death anniversary of Ummul
Momineen Hazrat Ayesha Siddiqua (RA) was being observed across
the country on Thursday with religious solemnity and serenity.

Various seminars and lectures were held in twin cities of
Rawalpindi and Islamabad to pay tributes to the beloved wife of the
Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Up on Him) and the daughter of Sayyidina Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique (may Allah be pleased with him).

Her mother’s name was Umm e Rooman, whose line of descendants
joined with that of Rasulallah, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him. She was the beloved wife of Rasulallah (PBUH).

The relationship between Rasulallah, peace and blessings of
Allah be upon him, and Hazrat Aisha was friendly, kind and loving.
Of all the blessed wives, she was the closest and most favoured.

This distinguished lady of great piety and rare character
passed away at the age of sixty five on the 17th of Ramadan 57 AH.

Hazrat Abu Hurairah led her funeral prayers, and the blessed
learned Mother of Believers was buried in Jannatul Baqi, where she is enjoying a deep sleep under the skies of peace and tranquillity to this day. After the Holy Prophet’s death, she acted as a teacher and interpreter of Islam, providing guidance to even the greatest of the male Companions of the Holy Prophet Muhammad. They made a special point of going to her to gain knowledge and seek her opinion.

Hazrat Ayesha was really a generous soul and a patient one.
She bore with the rest of the Prophet’s house hold poverty and hunger
which often lasted for long periods.

For days on end no fire would be lit in the sparsely furnished
house of the Prophet for cooking or baking bread and they would live merely on dates and water. Poverty did not cause her distress or humiliation.

During his final illness of the holy prophet (PBUH), it was at
Hazrat Aisha’s apartment that he went at the suggestion of his
wives. When the Holy Prophet pbuh was on his death bed, he had his
head on Hazrat Aisha’s RA lap. At the time of the Holy Prophet
Muhammad’s pbuh death, she was only eighteen years old.

Hazrat Abu Musa Ashari said, “We faced no difficulty whose
solution was not with Aisha.” (Tirmidhi, Vol 2, page 228)
As many as 2210 of Ahadith have been reported by her, and
she even conveyed her decision on religious matters during the reign of the first 3 Caliphs of Islam. Many Ahadith demonstrate her exalted position amongst other women in Islam.

Hazrat Aisha herself reports that Rasulallah, peace and
blessings of Allah be upon him, said, “O Aisha! This is Jibreel who greets you. Aisha replied, ‘be salutations & Mercy of Allah upon him.’” (Bukhari, Muslim).

Hazrat Anas bin Malik (may Allah be pleased with him) says that
during the battle, he saw her carrying a leather bag full of water and satiating the thirst of the Muslims. (Bukhari).

Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal writes that during the Battle of the
Trench, Hazrat Ayesha, ignoring the dangers and perils, would leave
the castle and witness the plight of battle.

Hazrat Ayesha was equally renowned for her generosity. Hazrat
Urwa bin Zubair reports that once she got seventy thousand dirhams.
He witnessed her giving the entire amount in charity, and leaving nothing at all for herself.

Hazrat Abdullah bin Zubair, her nephew, sent her one Lakh
(10,000) dirhams which she gave in the way of Allah within a day. On that day, she was also observing fast. At night, her house maid served her Sayyida Ayesha said to her maid, “Look! Allah has sent something better than a loaf of bread.”