Danish envoy appreciates govt initiatives to improve health of people

ISLAMABAD, Sept 11 (APP): Ambassador of Denmark to Pakistan Ole Thonke has said that a Danish energy company working in Rajanpur district of Punjab would add 250 megawatt wind electricity in the national grid before the year 2018.

“A Danish company working in Punjab on a 1000 MW wind power project, will be able to produce 250 MW electricity before the year 2018,” he said while addressing a seminar titled ‘Efficient Power Generation’.

The seminar was recently organized by the Ramboll A/S Denmark, a
leading global industry leader, and Elan International in collaboration
with the Danish embassy here.

The envoy said the renewable energy was an inexpensive source of power generation and his country would extend all possible support to Pakistan in meeting the electricity problems.

“Through private sector engagement, the government of Denmark is facilitating support to Pakistan not only for energy production but also
for policy reforms, safety enhancements and load and grid management.

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Danish and Pakistani companies can forge partnerships in variety of sectors to benefit from each other’s competence.”

Assar Qureshi, Commercial Counsellor at the Royal Danish Embassy said that Denmark was eager to further strengthen and enhance bilateral trade ties with Pakistan as the current level of bilateral trade, though steadily increasing, had much more potential to grow.

He appreciated the visit of the Ramboll delegation together with their local partners Elan, which was led by Muhammad Ziauddin, and said it would help in developing and diversifying the energy sector in Pakistan.

Ramboll’s Global Division Director Mogens Skov said, “With many decades of experience with planning, design and implementation of sustainable, efficient, and reliable energy solutions worldwide, Ramboll is in a great position to present a full spectrum of technologies and comprehensive solutions for the Pakistani market, particularly in the energy sector.”

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CEO of Elan Ziauddin said Pakistan’s total installed capacity was
25,000 MW electricity, its dependable energy was 18,500 MW power, showing a gap of 6,000 MW.

He was of the view that the country’s projected electricity demand in 2020 was 31,800 MW, which meant that it needed additional 13,300 MW power to meet the increasing demand.

He said the Ramboll in collaboration with Elan had successfully completed the feasibility study of 660 MW KAPCO coal fired power plant
at Muzaffargarh, besides many other initiatives in the power sector were underway.