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COVID-19 case positivity ratio reaches 10% in country: Dr Faisal

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ISLAMABAD, Apr 23 (APP):Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on National Health Services, Regulations, and Coordination Dr Faisal Sultan Friday said the COVID-19 case positivity ratio had become doubled in the past few days reaching 10% in the country.

Dr Faisal, in a televised briefing after the meeting of National Command and Operation Center (NCOC), said the current situation showed the increasing trend of disease and its complications in its third wave, which had caused burden on the country’s health system.

He said the COVID cases were jumping up for the past few weeks and it was observed that the citizens were not following the corona Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) properly since the start of April.

He urged the citizens to strictly follow the SoPs to prevent further surge in the infections.
He also appealed the religious scholars to play their role in educating the people during the holy month of Ramazan for adopting special preventive measures as only 50% corona SOPs’ observance was noted due to which there was immense pressure on the healthcare workers.

Dr Faisal said many hotels and restaurants were violating the SOPs, besides the public transports, and the citizens were avoiding to use face masks, which was quite alarming.

“We regularly monitor positivity ratio at national, provincial and city levels and when it increases it incurs burden on the healthcare capacity. Pressure is mounting in the major urban centers.”

He said keeping in view the disease risk, certain restrictions were imposed focusing on high-risk sectors with mass gatherings. However, an overall weak administrative compliance of guidelines and actions was seen, he added, requesting all the provincial administrations to seriously take note of it.

He said it was not the matter of any complacency rather strict compliance of the SOPs. “The COVID-19 is a deadly virus, and we can control it just as we had contained it by following the SoPs during the previous waves.”

Dr Faisal said the government was seeking full cooperation of the citizens in adhering to the SoPs. “We can save precious lives, including those of our near and dear ones, by taking preventive measures.”

He asked the citizens to wear face masks, maintain social distance, wash hands with soap frequently and avoid crowded places.

He asked the citizens above 50 years to register for corona vaccination to protect themselves as well as their loved ones. Better services were being ensured at COVID-19 vaccination centers to facilitate the senior citizens.

He said senior citizens’ walk-in registration was introduced for above 65 year age and now they could visit for vaccination from all listed vaccination centers.

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