Country prepared to become tech hub: Shaza Fatima

Country prepared to become tech hub: Shaza Fatima
LAHORE, Apr 18 (APP):State Minister for Information Technology and Telecommunication Shaza Fatima Khawaja on Thursday said that the country was prepared to become regional tech hub and IT leader.
She said this while addressing a press conference along with Digital Cooperation Organization (DCO) Secretary General Deemah Al Yahya at a local hotel.
She said, “Youth is our asset and we have strong connectivity,” adding that Pakistan had partners like Saudi Arabia and other countries which wanted to strengthen this sector.
The State Minister said that recently Saudi Arabia foreign minister and representative of Investment Ministry visited Pakistan, adding that country’s IT sector was also highlighted during meetings with the delegation from Saudi Arabia.
She further said that Digital Foreign Direct Investment conference would be organized at the end of this year, adding that World Economic Forum, Digital Cooperation Organization and Pakistan would host conference every year to bring investment in the country for IT sector,  manufacturing, software and telecommunication sides as well.
She further said that these initiatives and the policies of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif aimed at supporting private sector would yield positive results to put the country on road to progress.
Shaza Fatima said that the incumbent government was working on various policies and legislation whether it was related to data protection, cyber security, cloud policy to create feasible environment for growth of IT, tech and telecom sectors.
She said, “Pakistan is a founding member of Digital Cooperation Organization and it is multilateral organization made with the cooperation of Saudi Arabia and its purpose is to take digital cooperation at global level.”
She said that today ITCN Asia had started in Pakistan and it was a three days conference and more than 600 companies were participating in it. She said that more than 100 delegates had arrived in Pakistan to attend this conference, adding that almost more than 55,000 people would visit Expo Centre to experience this conference.
Shaza said that Ministry of Information and Technology along with Pakistan Software Export Board was sponsoring this programme.
This initiative was giving a message that how Pakistan could showcase its private sector at international level to attract foreign investment, she said.
She said that it was also telling the world that how Pakistan could boost IT exports by using expertise of its youth.
Digital Cooperation Organization Secretary General Deemah Al Yahya said, “Whenever I come to Pakistan I see energy, talent and determination to achieve impossible targets,” adding that most prominent thing was collaboration between government, private sector and civil society.
Deemah said, “We as Digital Cooperation Organization are proud to be here today,” adding that event like ITCN helped share ideas and discuss opportunities to get desired results.
Responding to a question, Shaza Fatima said that no doubt interaction of B2B companies and educational institutes was very important.
She said that development of country’s human resource capital could definitely yield positive results.
To another query, the State Minister said that country was heading towards economic and political stability, adding that that recent visit of high powered delegation from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan was proof of it.
She said the government would provide financial and technical support to youngsters so that they could become entrepreneurs and create jobs opportunities for others.
To another question, Shaza Fatima said the Prime Minister had nominated a task force for artificial intelligence, adding that first centre of excellence related to artificial intelligence was made 10 years back. She said that artificial intelligence was integrated in almost everything.
Regarding social media ban, she said, “We do not support any ban but as far is national security is relevant it is of prime importance.”
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