ISLAMABAD, Dec 8 (APP): President Mamnoon Hussain has said
that corruption is one of the major hurdles in social development
and economic prosperity and stressed the need for accountability
of the corrupt by application of law and social sanctions.
In his message on the International Anti-Corruption Day,
the President said there is a need to encourage the civil society
to become a partner of the State in the quest to eradicate
“It is not only the government and its institutions that
need to do more to prevent corruption and strengthen integrity
but individual Pakistanis and civil society should also be
vigilant to expose the corrupt and hold them accountable,” he
The President said the present democratic government is
fully committed to eliminate corruption and carry out the
accountability of the corrupt.
He said the government is executing projects transparently,
on merit and making judicious use of public money.
“We must realize that corruption weakens democratic
institutions, undermines the rule of law and enables the
terrorists to finance their nefarious network and activities,”
he said.
The President called upon the citizens to join anti-corruption
campaign with NAB to build awareness and resolve to end corruption
by waging “Jihad” against this evil.
He stressed upon all persons to make a pledge – “Never to
offer or accept a bribe” and live by that motto to make Pakistan
a corruption-free welfare state.
He stressed the need to strengthen integrity, abide by
the law and shun the corrupt and urged upon the citizens to
join anti-corruption campaign with National Accountability
Bureau to build awareness and resolve to end corruption by
waging “Jihad” against this evil.
President Mamnoon said corruption is a global menace
and a challenge for the governments and civil society
He said it undermines the rule of law, destroys the
values and promotes materialism and lust for money.
He said corruption is antithesis of good governance
and negates the ideals of virtue, justice, responsibility
and public service.
“Corruption is, therefore, one of the biggest threats
to democracy and growth of harmonious and a stable welfare
state,” he said.
The President mentioned that each year, billions of
rupees which are direly needed for the provision of healthcare,
education, clean water and basic infrastructure are stolen
through bribes and embezzlement.
He said this makes it harder for the government to
provide basic services and denies people their fundamental
The President said, “Unfortunately, corruption has
permeated every sphere of life and is eroding the very
foundations of the country,” adding that the public and
private sector as well as the society as a whole is
equally afflicted by this malaise.