COMSTECH celebrates World Food Day

Int'l Conference on Science Communication to be held in February

ISLAMABAD, Oct 14 (APP): Speakers at a webinar held here Friday emphasized on finding out viable solutions to address the challenge of food insecurity due to the climate change and other threats.

The webinar was arranged by COMSTECH in partnership with UPSIGN, SAWIE, ICCFS, IFS and Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) to mark the World Food Day.
The slogan for world food day this year was “Leave No One Behind”.

Keynote talks and panel discussions were arranged with experts from all over the world with several years of experience in agri-food research systems.

The experts said, “We are faced with shortage of food, due to which many, particularly the children were suffering from malnutrition.” The debate uncovered how sustainable use of natural resources could help enhance productivity, soil health, water, and the role of biodiversity.

The question of how we could address the food production crisis, protecting the soil microbes, plants, animals and natural capital, and produce healthy food to support a healthy life and a healthy planet was discussed.

The panelists also discussed the way forward to address the impact of COVID-19 and recent floods in Pakistan on food security.

They talked about how the research on and knowledge exchange of good practices could be translated to develop climate change adaptation strategies, mitigation, and what specific measures could be taken to support the climate crisis victims.

The panelists pondered upon creating the resilient growth that would not leave anyone behind.

The experts noted that Pakistan was one of the top ten countries which were most vulnerable to the climate change.

They agreed that the food system was affected with extreme heat, droughts, unpredicted rain patterns, and attacks from invasive species of pests and diseases, all of which were being caused by climate change.

COMSTECH, the OIC Ministerial Standing Committee on Scientific and Technological Cooperation, joined hands with the leading research, academic and farming organizations from Pakistan and around the world for hosting the World Food Day celebration.

These partners were UPSIGN, SAWIE, ICCFS, IFS and Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF). UPSIGN is an educational charity based in the UK supporting collaborations between the UK and Pakistan. SAWIE is a digital platform based in the UK and Pakistan offering farm advisory and data insights.

International Center for Climate Change, Food Security and Sustainability (ICCFS)/Consortium on Climate Change, Sustainability and Conservation (CCSC), The Islamia University Bahawalpur are leading research organizations.

The International Foundation for Science (IFS), is an international, non-governmental organization.