Coming three months tough but govt will steer country out of economic crisis: PM

KARACHI, May 24 (APP):Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday said although the coming two to three months were tough yet the government would steer the country out of the current economic crisis with the support of the people.

Speaking at the fund-raising dinner of Shaukat Kahnum Memorial Caner Hospital (SKMCH) here, the prime minister said the nation could fight any kind of challenges with unity. Pakistan was a blessing of Allah Almighty and there was no dearth of resources here. The time was not far when the people from abroad would come here for seeking employment opportunities.

He said ups and downs were part of life and instead of being scared one should face the challenges with courage. No one could go ahead without getting a hold on hard times.

Germany and Japan were destroyed in the World War but with sheer hard work and commitment their people came out the crisis and made the countries developed ones.

The prime minister said when heavy flood hit Pakistan in 2010, the entire nation came forward and contributed generously for the flood-victims and within six months the country was out of the crisis.

He said the economic challenges facing the country at present were created mainly due to the poor economic performance, and loot and plunder by the previous governments over the last 10 years.

Imran Khan said they faced very difficulties at the start of Shaukat Kahnum Cancer Hospital project. Only Rs 10 million was in the account and the estimated cost was Rs 700 million but with the assistance and donations of the people the project was completed in three years.

He said the SKMCH was a charity hospital where 75 percent poor patients were being provided free of cost medical treatment. Rs 40 billion had been spent during the last 25 years on the treatment of poor patients at the hospital.

The prime minister said the Saukat Khanum Hospital had been issued Joint Commission International Certificate, which was a great honour. The world class treatment was provided in the hospital with no difference in rich and poor patients.

He said the donations received were only spent on the treatment of deserving people.

Imran Khan said the hospital had a shortfall of Rs 8 billion but record donations were received in three fund-raising events during the Ramadan for it.

He said the work on Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital Karachi had started which was a bigger and modern set-up, while Peshawar hospital had been completed and after cameo and radiation therapy, operations would also be started there by the year end.

The prime minister on the occasion thanked all the participants for their donations and especially presented his gratitude to Saith Abid for his generous contributions for the hospital.