ISLAMABAD, Dec 9 (APP): Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Human Rights Zafarullah Khan has said that the fundamental rights of citizen are fully protected in Pakistan.
“The constitution of Pakistan in accordance with Islamic injunctions guarantees fundamental rights to its citizen. The rights of people enshrined in the constitution have always been upheld by the government,” he said in a message issued in connection with the International Human Rights Day being observed in Pakistan like other countries of the world.

“International Human Rights Day reminds us the day when all the nations of the world decided to safeguard the humanity against injustice, inequality, oppression and discrimination through the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,” he said.

This Declaration, Zafarullah said, guarantees equality to all human beings in all spheres of life. Therefore, this Day stands as a symbol for the protection of life, dignity and liberty of each and every human being.

Zafarullah said the Day also signifies the services of Human Rights Defenders who have selflessly worked for the protection and promotion of Human Rights.

“We are committed to the protection and promotion of human rights and implementation of all provisions of national and international instruments related to Human Rights.”

Pakistan, he said, firmly believes in a democratic Pakistan as it is democracy which guarantees the protection of Fundamental Rights. The present Government is firmly committed to strengthen democracy and ensuring peace. “We are also making efforts to curb the menace of terrorism to ensure peace and full protection of Human
Rights,” he added.

The Special Assistant said sacrifices of thousands of soldiers, policemen, personnel of law enforcement agencies and civilians cannot be forgotten in this struggle. “We stand united and
more resolute than ever to work together for a peaceful Pakistan having the highest standards of equality and security for all our citizens. We will continue working towards ensuring equality and non-discrimination for creating a just and peaceful society.”