Citizen centric NSP to lead country on right direction: Dr Moeed

OIC-CFM highlights threat to regional security due to 'irresponsible' Indian missile launch: Moeed

ISLAMABAD, Dec 29 (APP): National Security Adviser (NSA) Dr Moeed Yusuf on Wednesday said, comprehensive citizen-centric National Security Policy (NSP) based on the economic security would be a guiding document to take country on right direction.

Talking to a private news channel he said, federal cabinet in an historic move has approved the country’s first-ever citizen-centric NSP based on the economic security at its core.

He said that the policy focused overall aspects of national security and under the Prime Minister’s leadership it has been codified that economic security would be the core of the Policy. “Strong economy would ensure more spending on military and human security.”

Moeed said NSP formulation process started back in 2014 which got completed in seven years, as there were many sensitivity and complexities into it, whereas massive debate was carried out in the process.

He further said that it would be a classified document collectively but a full public version would be released by the prime minister next week or ten days and would also review its progress after every month.

He said: “This umbrella document will, overtime, help guide sectoral policies for the fulfillment of our national security objectives.”

National policy document would be updated annually through constructive suggestions that would helpful in future as well, he added.