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CII denounces armed confrontation contrary to ‘Paigham-e- Pakistan’ accord

ISLAMABAD, Jan 31 (APP):The Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) on Wednesday denounced the armed confrontation of certain elements in different parts as a breach of the declaration of ‘Paigham -e- Pakistan’ endorsed by all Ulema Boards and religious seminaries.
           In 235th meeting, several issues were discussed.
           The council endorsed a comprehensive ‘code of conduct’ concerning the President’s reference on the Shariah method of protest. This includes the fundamental responsibilities of an Islamic government such as implementing the system of the Qur’an and Sunnah, conducting business in accordance with Islamic principles, and safeguarding the rights and protection of its citizens.
            In a briefing, the CII explained that any protest method adhering to one’s legitimate rights, free from Shariah compulsions and other errors, is acceptable. The protest itself consists of any other illegitimate work and haram issues,
it is not permissible. For example during the protest, wasting people’s lives, causing pain and suffering to people, damaging private and public property, forcing people to join them in protest, unparliamentary language, reckless mixing of men’s weight, accusation and slander, lies, spreading false news and rumors soon on all these matters are unlawful and must be avoided.
             It is illegal to destroy or damage government or non-government property during protest.
             If a person’s property is damaged during the protest, the order regarding the compensation is that if the person or group who caused the damage is known, in such a case, they are required to pay for the damage. If it is not known, then it is the responsibility of the incumbent government to compensate this loss as much as possible from the public treasury, because it is the responsibility of the government to protect the life, property and honor of the people.
          Killing or harming any person during the protest is not permissible and illegal.
         It is the responsibility of the organizers of the protest to make special arrangements and to exhort the participants to behave violently and completely avoid terrorism and never harm any person’s life.
           Furthermore, the Council stated in response to a question of ‘Faizabad Dharna Commission’ that declaring a Muslim as an infidel is a very sensitive matter, it carries the harshest consequences, so it is not right to act hastily.
           In the same way, declaring a person a disbeliever because of his words and action requires extreme caution, therefore, giving his authority to anyone is a violation of Shari’a teachings and against the principles of wisdom.

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