ISLAMABAD, June 17 (APP): Chairman Prime Minister Inspection
Commission (PMIC) Colonel (R) Saif Qureshi expressed reservation
about the quality of bitumen being used in motorway renovation

While inspecting the motorway renovation project on Friday,
the chairman also directed chief engineer PMIC Qaiser Abbas to draw
the sample for laboratory testing, said a press release issued here.

The difficult areas damaged and humped at four locations of
Kalar Kahar since last few years was the focus of inspection.

Imported geo material, crushed stones filter material, and
special blocks of retaining walls were checked for quality and
timely completion.

Sub standard drain system has caused the damage to the road,
therefore drain system was specially checked.

The perforated plastic pipes being used were checked for
quality and durability.

Lt Col Qamar from FWO explained the technical works undertaken
by the FWO, which is responsible for 20 years duration of
maintenance works.

FWO Project Commander Lt Col Qamar said that the renovation
work is better than the original work.