Center advises provinces to offer special incentives to filmmakers: Bukhari

ISLAMABAD, Apr 8 (APP):Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development, Sayed Zulfikar Abbas Bukhari said the federal government had asked the provinces to offer special incentives to local as well as foreign filmmakers to boost the country’s economy.
He said this while responding to a renowned Artist Hamza Ali Abbasi’s suggestion of introducing tax rebate system which the latter made during Bloggers and V-loggers meet up organized by Pakistan Tourism Dialogue (PTD).
Zulfikar Bukhari said he had recommended the provincial authorities, during the second meeting of National Tourism Coordination Board, to work out a policy in this regard to attract filmmakers towards the country’s historical and scenic sites. “With this initiative, we can build the soft image of Pakistan,” he added.
During an interactive session with the Bloggers and V-loggers who were invited to promote tourism in the country and abroad, he said the first and foremost priority of the incumbent government was to strengthen our domestic tourism which would eventually led to the elevation of outbound tourism.
Terming the inbound tourism a low hanging fruit, he said the government would focus on developing tourism within the country during its first three years. It would dedicate its next two years to encourage international travelers to see the inner beauty of Pakistan, he added.
He said the government would also engage celebrities including actors and sportsmen to reshape the country’s weak perception built at international level in the past due to law and order situation here.
He urged the private sectors to come forward and join hands of the government to uplift the tourism industry of the country.
Zulfikar Bukhari asked the V-loggers and bloggers to produce documentaries for sensitizing the world about the mountains, landscapes, deserts and lush greenery possessed by the country.
Hamza Ali Abbasi emphasized on providing the basic amenities to travelers at tourist resorts including better accommodations, janitorial services, clean drinking water, heating resources, internet and others.
He also stressed for ensuring fair aviation fares, infrastructure and tourist-friendly mobility modes.
Meanwhile, a sizable number of bloggers and V-loggers attended the event and shared their worthy suggestions to boost the tourism sector.