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CDA to establish pickets at all retried land

ISLAMABAD, Dec 08 (APP): Capital Development Authority (CDA) has decided to establish pickets at all the retrieved lands with cooperation of the district administration.

According to detail, CDA retrieved hundreds of kanal government’s land from the land mafia during the operations conducted current the week.

Dozens of illegal constructions including rooms, fence, water tankers, under construction rooms, and others were demolished during the operation. The captured goods have been submitted in CDA’s store.

CDA is carrying on operation against encroachments upon the special directions of the Chairman. Enforcement teams of CDA are continuously demolishing the illegal constructions and retrieving the government’s land from the land mafia.

District administration, Islamabad Police, and other relevant departments and authorities are also taking part in anti encroachment drive of CDA. Heavy machinery of the department of MPO is being used for conducting operations.

In its operation against encroachments during the last week CDA demolished an illegal room and boundary wall in Bari Imam, one room and a pillar in sector G-7, illegal boundary wall in Saidpur village, newly constructed illegal garage, boundary wall, and rooms in sector G-9, one room at Khanpur dam, action taken against wedding halls at expressway and Khhana pull, one room demolished in sector C-16, and other illegals shops, stalls, and rooms at various sites. The authority retrieved 1600 kanal government land from land mafia in Malpur.


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