Caretaker PM reposes confidence in youth to realize Allama Iqbal’s dream

Caretaker PM reposes confidence in youth to realize Allama Iqbal’s dream
ISLAMABAD, Nov 9 (APP): Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar has urged the nation to strive day and night to accomplish Dr Allama Iqbal’s conceived Pakistan and reposed his full confidence in the capabilities of the nation, especially the young people who he said would come to the expectations of Iqbal.
He said Iqbal had dreamt of a country ‘Pakistan which should be based upon peace, political tolerance and brotherhood’, adding the youth of Pakistan have to play their pivotal role by serving the nation and the country with their positive and progressive thoughts.
In Iqbal’s Pakistan, the institutions should be strengthened, people should be self conscious and economy be stabilized, so that the country could be free from the chains of foreign debts, he added.
In a message on Dr Allama Iqbal’s 146th birthday being observed on Thursday, the prime minister said that he along with the entire nation were celebrating his birthday with great honour and admiration.
He said Dr Allama Iqbal had made the youth of the sub-continent aware of the lost heritage of unprecedented sacrifices of their ancestors, their contributions in every field of life, their prestige, progressiveness and thinking.
The prime minister said that Allama Iqbal had guided the youth with the messages of hope, self-confidence, bravery and leading lives of dervish.
 By acquainting them with the brilliant past of the Muslims, Iqbal encouraged and advised the youth of the sub-continent to move forward by getting knowledge and doing research and innovation and by undergoing stages of individual and social evolution and in this way, infused new zeal and fervor among them to explore the world, a press release of PM Office Media Wing quoted the prime minister as saying.
The caretaker prime minister further said that Allama Iqbal through his philosophy taught the humanity a unique panacea of self introspection to succeed in the world and in the after-world, without being influenced by the worldly powers and earthly attractions.
It were due to Iqbal’s everlasting teachings that the universities across the region and the globe were still imparting them and continuing research on his philosophy and poetry, he added.
Prime Minister Kakar further observed that Iqbal’s philosophy was hugely acknowledged in the world, besides his religious contributions had a conspicuous place as he had not only highlighted the progressiveness of the religion of Islam and the predecessors but also emphasized upon bringing them in conformity with the contemporary requirements.
He said that due to Dr Allama Iqbal’s message of awareness in the Muslims of the sub- continent about their basic rights, particularly that of freedom promoted unity among them and ultimately, they emerged as a nation.
Allama Iqbal had given an idea of separate and sovereign Muslim state which was practically achieved by Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and other leaders of the Muslim League owing to their hard work, passion, sacrifices and national sentiment, he added.
The caretaker prime minister said that however, Allama Iqbal could not survive to witness the creation of a separate state for the Muslims of the sub-continent under his conception.
The prime minister said today, they should ask themselves whether they had safeguarded Iqbal’s Pakistan for whose creation people had worked day and night, huge number of people laid down their lives and with whom their ancestors had attached hopes?

By Irfan Khan

Journalist with a baggage of 25 years of experience in national, political, judicial, constitutional and international affairs. Extensively covered events, developing news and happenings with pieces of articles and analysis.

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