Caretaker PM felicitates people on observance of Sindhi Cultural Day

Caretaker PM felicitates people on observance of Sindhi Cultural Day
APP26-031223 HYDERABAD: December 03 – Children enjoying and celebration during celebration of Sindhi Ajrak Topi Culture Day at Sindh Museum. APP/AKS/TZD/ZID

ISLAMABAD, Dec 03 (APP): Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar on Sunday congratulated the people of Sindh province on observance of Sindhi Cultural Day and said that the Sindhi culture was one of the fascinating colours of different civilizations and cultures of Pakistan.

In a message shared by PM Office Media Wing in a press release, the prime minister said the Sindhi Cultural Day was being celebrated to mark the centuries-old beautiful culture and customs of Sindh province.

He extended his heartfelt congratulations to the Sindh brothers and sisters on the day.

“The land of Sufis, Sindh, has been the place of tolerance and peace for centuries,” the press release quoted the prime minister as saying.

The prolific land of Sindh province had played a significant role in the region but also in the civilizations of the entire world, he said, likening the Sindhi culture to an ornament on the forehead.

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