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A few Pakistani websites came under attack from the Indian hackers Wednesday, but were restored after upgrading their security.

The official website of the Civil Aviation Authority and PIAC early Wednesday came under an attack by an Indian hacker duo, however the CAA’s IT team restored the site after a brief interval, with no data loss.

The Indian hackers have been targeting the Pakistani websites and do manage to create some disruption on websites with less than the requisite security protection. The objective is to create

The National Telecom and Information Technology Security Board (NTISB) has been regularly advising all government ministries, divisions, attached and other departments about the threat of cyber warfare from Indian hackers, who continue to target Pakistani websites.

According to Kaspersky’s Cyberthreat Real Time Map, Pakistan ranks 44th in the list of the countries under attack from many countries. Pakistani cyber security experts say majority of the attacks emanate from India, which has unleashed a fifth generation war (5GW)  against Pakistan and was employing all available means to create chaos.

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CAA website hacked

The Website of Civil Aviation Authoritywas hacked by an Indian duo with the twitter handles of: Mr. Beast @__mr_beast and @D_Pkcg who in a post on twitter claimed that “all Database” have been hacked by the two. A picture was posted on the home page with some profanities.

The website was back on line after a brief interval and the hackers could only make some changes on the News and Events section on the homepage. However the site was restored by midday.


Similarly the target of Indian hackers also targeted,, where they left the message that changing status of Gilgit Baltistan was a “suicidal attempt” and would have “consequences”.

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Pakistani cybersecurity officials have rubbished such attempts saying all key government websites were fully secure and undergo regular reviews to keep their systems secure.

The NTISB in a recent advisory, available online, warned of malware spreading through spoofed emails targeting security institutions.

The Inter Services Public Relations on Aug 12 said Pakistan’s Intelligence Agencies have identified a major cyber-attack by Indian Intelligence Agencies involving a range of cyber crimes including deceitful fabrication by hacking personal mobiles and technical gadgets of government officials and military personnel.

ISPR Press Release

However the need for remaining on the guard and keeping an updated hardware and software security systems in place to ward of any threats was vital.