Bugti denounces terror assault on Mianwali Police Post

Bugti denounces terror assault on Mianwali Police Post

ISLAMABAD, Oct 01 (APP): Caretaker Interior Minister Sarfraz Bugti expressed strong condemnation for the terrorist attack on a police checkpoint in Mianwali.

In his statement, he lauded the brave efforts of the police officers who courageously prevented the terrorist assault.

He remarked, “The courageous police officers sent two terrorists to their demise,” and he paid tribute to Police Officer Haroon Khan for his martyrdom.

Bugti beseeched Allah Almighty to elevate the Head Constable to higher ranks in Jannah.
Sarfraz Bugti declared his solidarity with the bereaved family during this moment of mourning.

He asserted that the terrorists’ cowardly actions would not diminish their determination.
He pointed out that those aiming to disrupt peace and progress in Pakistan are the nation’s adversaries.

He underscored that the contributions of the police and law enforcement agencies in the battle against terrorism are indelible.

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