ISLAMABAD, Jun 03 (APP):British High Commissioner Christian Turner on Wednesday met with the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on National Health Services Dr Zafar Mirza to exchange views on the eve of the virtual Global Vaccines Summit being hosted by the UK on June 4.
The UK has pledged a record funding of £1.65 billion to GAVI, the Global Vaccine Alliance, which distributes vaccines in the poorest countries. The UK aims to raise a further £7 billion through the Vaccines Summit to support GAVI’s important work to ensure that a corona vaccine is available for all countries, including Pakistan.
In the meeting, Dr Zafar Mirza pledged Pakistan’s participation and support to the Global Summit and thanked the High Commissioner for UK’s help to Pakistan in fighting coronavirus including immediate health and humanitarian assistance.
Mirza said, “The Government of Pakistan fully supports this very important initiative. GAVI needs to be strengthened and its funding for the next five years needs to be ensured. Pakistan is also one the largest recipients of GAVI and we’re thankful to the UK and other donors for their impactful work in immunizing children.
“We look forward to the development of coronavirus vaccine and its equitable distribution to all countries. PM Imran Khan has already given a call for ‘people’s vaccine’ to be available to all.”
During the meeting, the British High Commissioner Christian Turner said, “This is a global pandemic which needs a global response to find a global vaccine made available for all. I am pleased that the UK is co-hosting the Global Vaccines Summit to ensure that; and to support PM Imran Khan’s call for a people’s vaccine against Covid19.”
“The UK and Pakistan is the best example of international friendship – and that matters more than ever now. In Pakistan, we are repurposing our multi-million pound UK aid programme to help defeat this terrible virus and mitigate its impacts.”