ISLAMABAD, Jan 20 (APP):Balochistan government has expedited efforts to save wildlife in the province and curb poaching of endangered species under the Baochistan Wildlife Policy 2019.

The policy also included wildlife trafficking, illegal trade and wildlife animal’s hunting.
Balochistan has rich biodiversity and natural heritage, the government was taking initiatives for the promotion of wildlife eco-tourism in the province, an official in Balochistan wildlife department told APP on Monday.

He said wildlife in the province was in danger due to population growth and facing threat mainly due to human activities, he said, adding that government has to resolved human wildlife conflict through education and strictly implementation of law to provide safe environment to the species.

The government would also introduced trophy hunting programme of wildlife especially houbara bustard and scientific management of wildlife would be installed to protect the national animals from illegal hunting, he added.

The income generated from trophy hunting would be spent on the breeding of wildlife and for the welfare of the local people, he maintained.

The official said the government was going to established research and education centre in the province to cater the wildlife diseases as due to deforestation, climatic changes, drought and unbridled hunting the wildlife has been affected very badly.

With an aim to improve service delivery and governance, the government would also initiate training programme to enhance the capacity building of wildlife wing of the department, he added.

The migratory birds that were facing many challenges in Balochistan as most of the people ruthlessly hunt the birds but now due to effective wildlife policy it would create safe environments to migratory species, he said.

The wildlife sector would be given top priority in the next provincial Public Sector Development Programme, the official said.

The department had deployed work force for the management and enhancement of protected areas network to ensure the preservation of wildlife across the province, he concluded.