Asia Cup’s Inaugural Match elevates prestige of city: ACS Saqib Zafar

Asia Cup's Inaugural Match elevates prestige of city: ACS Saqib Zafar
MULTAN, Aug 29 (APP):In a historic moment for South Punjab, the vibrant city is all set to host the inaugural match of the Asia Cricket Cup on Wednesday (August 30).
Additional Chief Secretary (CS) of South Punjab Capt. (Rtd) Saqib Zafar rightfully labeled it an honor for the region.
This international cricket event is poised to elevate the prestige of Multan, the City of Saints, to even greater heights.
Multan has become the epicenter of global attention as cricket luminaries, dignitaries, and international media representatives converge upon the city.
The stage is set, and anticipation runs high as Multan takes its place on the world map, with the spotlight on the exhilarating game that unites nations.
Capt. (Rtd) Saqib Zafar, lauding the meticulous planning and preparation, assured the public that the district administration evolved coordinated arrangements encompassing security, traffic routes, and parking logistics.
 He underlined the vital role of every citizen, urging unity and cooperation with security agencies.
“The resounding impact of hosting international cricket tournaments in Multan will always be welcomed,” he added.
Capt. (Rtd) Saqib Zafar articulated the regional significance of such events.
He stated, “They are poised to usher in a new era of sporting fervor, igniting a passion for the sport that transcends boundaries and unites communities.”
“As the dawn of August 30 approaches, Multan stands at the cusp of history, poised to etch its name further into the annals of cricketing excellence.”
“The inaugural match of the Asia Cricket Cup promises not just a display of exceptional sporting talent, but also a celebration of unity, culture, and the shared love for cricket that binds us all,” he concluded.
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