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FAISALABAD, Oct 29 (APP): Special Representative of the Prime Minister on Religious Harmony Maulana Tahir Mehmood Ashrafi Thursday urged the Muslim Ummah to forge unity among their ranks as the anti-Islam forces were repeatedly attacking the sanctity of Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him).

He was addressing the media at the 6th Paigam-e-Seerat Conference at District Council hall here. Maulana Abdullah Gurmani, Maulana Aqeel-ur-Rehman, Maulana Haq Nawaz Qadri, Maulana Muhammad Rafique Jami and other ulema were also present.

Maulana Ashrafi said that the Ulema Council strictly condemned the French president for his blasphemous act and the incidents of burning Quranic verses from time to time in France.

He said that Islam was a religion of peace, security and brotherhood and it spread the message of moderation.

He said that there was no room for extremism and terrorism in Islam, adding that an organised campaign was underway against Islam in the world currently.

He said that after 9/11, millions of non-Muslims started reading Quran and Islamic teachings and embraced Islam as their religion.

He said that Prime Minister Imran Khan has formally written letters to heads of all Islamic countries in which he apprised them about the negative activities of the anti-Islam forces.

He said that Pakistani nation stands with their armed forces and it would not allow anyone to disrespect the Pak Army.

He said that anti-Pakistan forces wanted to divide Pakistan.

They wanted to divide the Muslim Ummah and sectarian differences in the Pakistan, but Pakistani nation and ulema would foil their nefarious designs.

Ashriaf said that minorities in Pakistan were enjoying full rights against other countries adding that 200 churches have so far been burnt in India alone.

He said that no other religion give rights and respect to women which has been given in Islam.