Anti-Rape Ordinance’s approval a welcome step: Senator Faisal

ISLAMABAD, Dec 15 (APP): Chairman of the Senate’s Standing Committee on Information and Broadcasting Faisal Javed Khan on Tuesday said it was a welcome step that President Dr Arif Alvi had approved the Anti-Rape Ordinance 2020, which would ensure speedy trial of rape cases and allow castraction of those convicted of such offences.

Senator Faisal on his Twitter handle said: “Good News as PM(‘s) promised, the much needed, anti-rape ordinance has been approved.

It will ensure speedy trial, strict punishments, including castration, establishment of special courts, countrywide data bank of sexual offenders, prohibition of disclosing victims’ identities.”

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The Prime Minister’s Anti-Rape Crisis Cells would also be set up which would be responsible for conducting medico-legal examination within six hours of the incident, he added.

He said the police and government officials showing negligence in investigating the cases would be jailed for three years with imposition of fines.