All documents provided to JIT: Hassan Nawaz

ISLAMABAD, July 3 (APP): Hassan Nawaz, son of Prime Minister
Muhammad Nawaz Sharif on Monday said he provided all the information
to Joint Investigation Team (JIT) including bank and loan
statements, tax returns and documents of his companies.
Speaking to mediamen after appearing before Joint
Investigation Team (JIT) here, he said these documents were already
given to Supreme Court.
He said he and his siblings had not done anything wrong.
He said he asked JIT members about the reasons for summoning
him from London.
Hassan said an effort was made to find some allegations
against his family.
He said the regulatory and tax authorities in United Kingdom
never raised any objection about his businesses, adding he was doing
business in United Kingdom for 15 years and was residing in the
country for the last 23 years.
He said he was appearing before the JIT on the orders of Prime
Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif.
“I was called three times by JIT and Hussain Nawaz was called
six times.”
He said certain elements had problems with the progress that
Pakistan had made in the last four years.
He said investigation from him and his siblings was an attempt
to put pressure on his father Nawaz Sharif.