All avenues of peace in South Asia pass through Kashmir; Senior APHC leader

All avenues of peace in South Asia pass through Kashmir; Senior APHC leader

ISLAMABAD, Oct 26 (APP):Senior All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC) leader, Altaf Hussain Wani Tuesday urged the international community to exert pressure on the Indian government to resolve the longstanding Kashmir issue through meaningful dialogue between Pakistan, India and Kashmir.

“All avenues of peace in South Asia pass through Kashmir”, he said during an interview with APP on Tuesday in connection with the Kashmir Black Day to be marked on October 27.

The human rights violations committed by the extremist Indian government towards the people of Illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIoJK) and the minorities living within India has become threat not only for the peace of the region but also the world.

“International community needs to understand the importance of Kashmir issue and realize the fact that durable peace in South Asian region can only be ensured through resolving Kashmir issue as per aspiration of Kashmiri people”, he said.

He said that IIoJK is under illegal occupation of Indian authorities since the last 74 years. India after landing its forces in IIoJK illegally and immorally on October 27, 1947 made commitment before the United Nations to extend self determination right to the Kashmiri people to decide their political future.

However, India stepped back from its stance with the passage of time and intensified illegal subjugation through killing around 5, 00,000 innocent Kashmiri people during the span of 74 years including November 1947 genocide, thousands of arrests and violence against women cases.

“There were more than 10,000 anonymous graves of Kashmiri people in result of those atrocities committed by the Indian forces. Kashmiri people were arrested, killed and buried in those graves while their families were still in search of them,” Wani said.

Besides, India has committed a constitutional aggression dividing IIoJK state in to two units in efforts to not only snatch their identity, language and culture but also confiscating their land.

Still India is expediting its efforts to bring demographic changes which are condemnable, he observed.

Wani said that the International community which promised with IIoJK people to press Indian authorities for extending their due right to self determination could not fulfill its commitment.

The resolutions passed through United Nations Security Council in favour of Kashmiri people could not be implemented so far, he lamented.

It is very unfortunate that still International community could not make India accountable for committing atrocities against Kashmiri people as well the continuous human rights violation, he said.

Wani said that Pakistan has raised its voice for resolution of Kashmir issue at every forum as well as spoke in favour of giving Kashmiri people their due right to self determination.

“The way Prime Minister Imran Khan in his statements, tweets and addresses at the world important forums highlighted Kashmir issue made the world believe that peace in South Asian region cannot be ensured without resolution of Kashmir issue”, he said.

Similarly human rights organizations have also documented the grave human rights violations in IIoJK, disseminated and condemned Indian state for such inhuman actions.

Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights released two reports depicting human rights violations in Kashmir and has been raising this use consistently, he said.

Whatever steps the Indian government is taking against Kashmiri people has not only made the lives of Kashmiri people miserable but impacted upon the development and progress of the region, Wani commented.

Meanwhile, APHC Convener, Faiz Naqshbandi said that October 27 is that black day in the history of IIoJK when India fraudulently and forcefully landed its forces in IIoJk and illegally occupied this territory which is still continued.

Kashmiri people have been struggling for their right to self determination and will continue to do so until they acquire their just right, he said.

Presently, more than 9, 00,000 Indian forces have been deputed in IIoJK who are committing genocide of innocent Kashmiri people.

“The human atrocities committed by India forces and the intentions of Indian state are dangerous for this region”, he said.

Naqshbandi asked the international community to play its role in resolution of Kashmir issue in accordance with the UN resolutions and aspirations of Kashmiri people.