Aliens not allowed to take part in Pakistan’s politics: Bugti

Aliens not allowed to take part in Pakistan’s politics: Bugti

ISLAMABAD, Dec 08 (APP): Caretaker Minister for Interior Sarfraz Bugti on Friday, announcing the government’s policy on aliens having the Afghan Citizen Card, UNHCR Card or refugee status, said that no such refugee would be allowed to participate in any kind of political activity in Pakistan.

The government was hunting the foreign nationals who were involved in political activities in Pakistan and they would be straightaway deported without any relaxation, he said while addressing the press conference.

Bugti said the government had initially identified 10 such aliens and their number was going to increase in the coming days. Even if they had Proof of Residence Card, Afghan Citizen Card, UNHCR Card and refugee status or tourist and business visas they would not be spared, he added.

The minister said politicking was the right of Pakistanis only and they would independently participate in political activities in the wake of general elections in February.

He said the government would provide the services of para-military forces to the Election Commission of Pakistan. Although the para-military forces were engaged in different operations across the country yet maximum security would be ensured for the general elections, he added.

The minister said there were general threats to the political leadership, but the Interior Ministry only received a specific threat about Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman. The caretaker government was, however, fully determined to hold peaceful general elections, he assured.

Bugti said as the National Database Registration Authority (NADRA) had become a security institution it was imperative to appoint an officer of the rank of Lt General as its head.

The sitting NADRA chairman, a Pakistan Army officer, had taken an initiative to reform the Authority in line with the rules and regulations, he added.

The minister said all fake documents and identity cards came under the definition of “identity theft”, which was a biggest crime and those responsible for it would be held accountable.

Bugti said Pakistan must become a hard state as due to its soft state approach in the past the aliens had managed to easily get fake immigration documents.

“Such aliens are now working in our urban centers and they are not even in the tax net. They are even smuggling goods from abroad, which has badly hit Pakistan’s economy.”

He said the Foreign Office had taken the Afghan Government into confidence on issue of repatriation of Afghan refugees. Pakistan was the only country in the world which had hosted illegal immigrants for more than 40 years, who would now have to go back to their countries, he added.

“The time is not far off when only Pakistanis and those foreigners who will have valid visas will be living in Pakistan,” the minister remarked.

Bugti said Pakistan would welcome all foreign nationals who would visit the country for a business or tourism but having valid visas.

The minister said the terrorists involved in the Bannu attack had come from Afghanistan on “Tazkira”, and that was why the government was determined to implement the “one document policy” for all foreigners who wished to visit Pakistan, however, it would facilitate them in all possible ways.

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