ISLAMABAD, Oct 28 (APP): President, Azad Jammu and Kashmir Sardar Masood Khan Friday expected that the United Kingdom would not only condemn human rights violations in Indian Occupied Kashmir but the British prime minister would raise the issue with her Indian counterpart during her upcoming Indian visit.
During his media briefing in London on human rights violations in Kashmir, the AJK president said that India was committing gross human rights violations in Kashmir and the entire population was living under extended curfew for over a month now, a press release received Friday said.
He appealed to the international community to play its role to end the rights abuses and resolve the issue according to the UN resolutions on Kashmir.
He categorically refuted Indian claims that Kashmir was its integral part and Kashmiris never accepted Indian rule and were continuing their freedom struggle despite worse atrocities and state operation.
Similarly, the president contradicted Indian propaganda that there was terrorism in IOK instead of freedom struggle.
He said that the Kashmiri people were engaged in freedom struggle and were un-armed, therefore, could not be termed terrorists.
He said India was trying to divert the world attention from its atrocities in IOK by blaming Pakistan and the Kashmiris for terrorism.
He termed his United Kingdom visit quite useful as it raised awareness about human rights violations in Indian Occupied Kashmir.
The AJK president emphasised on the Kashmiri community in UK to get united and raise awareness about the issue of Kashmir in an effective and forceful manner.
He also congratulated Kashmiri community on their achievements in the United Kingdom.
Pakistan High Commissioner Syed Ibne Abbas, who was also present on the occasion, informed the media that he had already sent letters to various British parliamentarians asking them to send a cross party parliamentary delegation to both sides of Kashmir so that facts on the ground could be ascertained.
A few days ago, the British parliamentarians in various Kashmir related meeting had agreed to work towards sending such delegation to both sides of Kashmir, he added.

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