LAHORE, Oct 30 (APP): Federal Minister for Planning,
Development and Reforms, Ahsan Iqbal has said that national
unity is the need of hour to address challenges and achieve
larger goals of development and progress in the country.
“A political party or institution alone cannot resolve
the problems faced by the country today”, he said while talking
to the media at the inauguration of Youth Development Corps
(YDC) at Punjab University here on Friday.
To a query, he said the recent rise in the dollar price
was an international phenomenon and global economic crunch
was the reason behind it, adding that other countries had
been faced with the problem of devaluation of currency as well.
About the Nandipur power project, the Federal minister
said Nandipur project was dumped by the PPP government and
some of the people were involved in corruption during the
previous regime while the then contractor had left the project
He said the PML-N government after coming into power,
was left with the option whether to abandon Nandipur Power
Project or restart it, adding that abandoning the project
would have closed the door for foreign investments in the
country besides facing heavy fines in the International
Court of Justice (ICJ). He said the PML-N government decided
to restart the project in the larger national interest.
To another query, Ahsan said the Nandipur project would
soon be converted to LNG which would reduce the cost a great
The Minister urged the media to appreciate the governments
for their good deeds, adding that achievements of the government
should not be negatively portrayed.
About PTI Chairman Imran Khan, Ahsan Iqbal expressed the
hope that Allah would bestow Imran Khan with political maturity,
adding that the PTI Chairman had been passing political training
phase in his life.
“PML-N wants to take all political parties besides PTI
along in the political process”, he responded.
When asked about differences with party folds, Ahsan said
the PML-N workers had full confidence in the leadership and
policies, adding that all are united under the party leadership.
He said, if there was any difference within the lower ranks of
the party, it would be over after the LG polls.
Earlier, speaking at the participants of the YDC, the
federal minister said the purpose of launching youth development
corps was to involve Pakistani youth in the mainstream of national development so that maximum advantage could be derived from their abilities.
He said the Planning Division of the Federal government
had devised such plans for various universities of the country
so that youth could be mobilised.
Citing Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif’s visit to
the US, Ahsan Iqbal said that PM Nawaz Sharif and US President
Barack H Obama had decided to found Pak-American Knowledge
Corridor under which 10,000 students would receive PhD education
during the next 10 years.
Later, Federal minister Ahsan Iqbal visited University of
Education (UoE), Township and addressed a seminar on “Role of
Higher Education to achieve Vision 2025”. The Minister stressed
the need for research and inventions in order to achieve progress
by the nations. The role of higher education was vital for
achieving the goals of Vision 2025, he added.