LAHORE, Sept 16 (APP): Minister for Interior Ahsan Iqbal
Saturday stressed the need for internal stability in order to
face external challenges.
Addressing a press conference here, he said internal stability
played a critical role in any country’s development and progress.
He referred to the dismemberment of the Soviet Union, which was
also caused due to collapse of internal political system.
The minister said the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N)
had full respect for the judiciary as it believed in upholding
the Constitution.
The party, he adedd, accepted the court verdict despite
reservations. Known law experts had also expressed reservations in
that regard.
He mentioned Article 10-A, which ensured the right of
fair trial with due process of law and it was a fundamental right to
file an appeal.
As regards reopening of the Hudaibiya Paper Mills case,
Ahsan Iqbal ponited out that it was a 15-year-old case and its
reopening would eventaully give a message that any past decision
given in a case after due trial was not final.
He said the ambits of state institutions were clearly defined
in the Constitution. The parliament seemed to be not given its
due respect and that issue would be taken up at the floor of the
House, he added.
The minister said in 2013 when the PML-N came into power,
the country was facing a lot of problems and now in 2017 the
situation was totally different.
Under the dynamic leadership of Nawaz Sharif, he said,
Pakistan had made visible progress as motorways were being
constructed, electricity loadshedding was being overcome,
terrorism eliminated and foreign reserves doubled in four
years. Karachi was heading towards peace with incidents of
target killing and extortion reduced to a great extent.
“Balochistan is coming into mainstream and it is the
PML-N government which has completed projects like Lowari Tunnel
and Kachhi Canal,” he said.
The Kachhi Canal, he added. would irrigate almost 72,000
acres of land in Dera Bugti.
He said the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) was
underway. “Pak-China friendship is exemplary and as strong as
always,” he added.
Ahsan Iqbal congratulated the country on the successful
holding of Independence Cup and added that the event helped in
highlighting a positive image of the country.
He also lauded the role of law enforcement agencies, which
ensured foolproof security during the matches.
He hoped that with the grace of Almighty Allah sports
activities in other cities would also be revived.
He said during the current fiscal year, high domestic
tourism was witnessed in the country and the way in which
Pakistan’s 70th Independence Day was celebrated, indicated
the revival of hope and optimism among the people.
To a question, he said with the grace of the Almighty
the PML-N would win NA-120 bye-polls.

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