Ahsan for collective efforts to prevent extremism in youth

APP46-18 ISLAMABAD: September 18 - Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal chairing a meeting on implementation of National Action Plan at Higher Education Commission. APP

ISLAMABAD, Sep 18 (APP): Interior Minister Professor Ahsan
Iqbal Monday stressed the need for undertaking collective efforts to
prevent youth from the accessibility of the material based on
extremist ideologies.
He said this in a meeting at Higher Education Commission on
the implementation of National Action Plan.
Seventy vice chancellors of national universities participated
in the meeting through live video conference, says a press release.
In the meeting, the Interior Minister said that it is a matter
of deep concern for us that students of universities are found to be
affiliated with the extremists organization.
On the role of social media and its impact on youth, he
stressed that our youth are oriented towards social media.
After the information revolution, the battle of ideologies is
under way at social media.
“We have to ensure that our youth use social media only for
educational and healthy activities,” he added.
He said, “We have to formulate a national narrative to counter
the extremists agenda.”
In this connection he stated that the youth must be imparted
the importance of peace enjoined by Islamic injunctions and vision
of Pakistan.
The Interior Minister also said that government is devising a
curriculum for the “Friday Sermons” that are mainly based on
educating our citizens about practical life in the light of Quran
and Hadith.
On the importance of participation in students politics, the
Interior Minister said that the students must be given opportunities
to express their thoughts.
The faculty in the universities must play their due role in
the construction of thought and ideology amongst the students.
The interior minister also asserted that the students in the
universities must also be provisioned with the forum to hone their
leadership qualities.
In every university, career counselling mechanism must be
formed to evaluate the potential of students for better avenues in
future. The students must be enjoined to tolerate the difference of
opinion of their peers and the society, he added.
Talking about the upcoming International Peace Day on
September 21, the Minister emphasized to celebrate it with fervor in
all universities of Pakistan.
He said that the day must be marked in every university with
the resolve to spread the message of peace among our youth and
apprise them with the counter narrative against extremism.