Afridi warns world of India’s nefarious designs against overseas Kashmiri activists

ISLAMABAD, Jan 10 (APP):Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Kashmir Shehryar Khan Afridi Monday denounced the registration of criminal cases against overseas rights activists Dr Asif Dar and Muzzammil Ayyub Thakur hailing from Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir under malafide and false charges by the saffron-clad occupational police force.

Talking to a delegation of Kashmir Youth Alliance led by Dr Mujahid Gilani here, Shehryar Afridi said that the malafide charges against Kashmiri resistance activist and renowned anesthesiologist Dr Asif Maqbool Dar by the occupational police force in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) is biggest violation of basic human rights and mockery of the international law.

Afridi said that his office has taken up the case of Dr Asif Dar with Pakistan Prime Minister’s Office, Pakistan Foreign Office, Pakistan National Security Division, offices of President and Prime Minister Azad Jammu and Kashmir for necessary action.

“The targeting of Kashmiris by India and their rogue agencies, around the world, whether they are studying, working or carrying out their business, is a serious concern.My office is working with relevant departments in Pakistan to devise a strategy to fight back India’s dangerous plans against overseas Kashmiris,” Afridi noted.

“The police in IIOJK have completely been overrun by RSS ideology which has resulted in a dangerous and deadly combination of fascism and military might – both of which are being used jointly against innocent Kashmiris wherever they are,” said Afridi.

The Indian police in IIoJK has leveled baseless and fraud allegations against Dr Dar, who works as a senior anesthesiologist in Middle East.

“Dr Asif Maqbool Dar has emerged as voice of popular resistance against Indian occupation in IIoJK. His activism both off and online has brought nightmares to India and its stooges in IIoJK and that is why such fraud allegations are being leveled against these honest and brave Kashmiri resistance activists,” Afridi said.

The Kashmir Committee chairman said leveling fraud allegations against Dr Dar shows ‘frustration of the saffron-clad Indian police in IIoJK’.

“I had already intimated the international community about the nexus between Indian police and Israeli forces and how some Indian police officials from IIoJK received training in Tel Aviv. Bringing fraud charges against Dr Dar is a leaf from the same playbook formulated by Israeli state against Palestinian activists wherein they target anti-colonial and anti-occupation activists living outside their homelands,” Afridi said.

“India can go to any extent to silence such vocal and brave voices,” Afridi warned and urged the international community including the United Nations, OIC and UNHRC to hold India accountable.
“The world community and people who claim to be torchbearers of human rights and peoples’ freedom must name and shame India for making mockery of international law and fundamental human rights.”

Afridi said Dr Asif Maqbool Dar is a brave son of his Kashmiri motherland. “Dr Dar is an honorable man, son, husband, father and a thorough professional,” said Afridi.

“Dr Dar’s clarity on India’s occupation of Kashmir and his passion for resistance against the occupation is an inspiration for thousands of Kashmiri youth and resistance activists. Pakistan is proud of such Kashmiris,” the Kashmir Committee chairman said.

Referring to reports of another fraud case filed by police stooges of India in Kashmir against UK-based Kashmiri activist Muzzammil Ayyub Thakur, Afridi said, “This is another brazen mockery of international law.”

“Kashmiris will fight back such mockery by resorting to lawfare and knocking every international institution since people in IIoJK have rejected India and its rule,” Afridi concluded.