Afghan minister urges officials, diplomatic staff to resume duties

KABUL, (Afghanistan), Sep 14 (APP):Afghan Interim Foreign Minister, Molvi Amir Khan Muttaqi on Tuesday urged the Afghan diplomatic staff and officials that had served under former regime, to return and resume their work. Addressing a presser here, the minister said the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan would have no objection to performing of their duties. Molvi Muttaqi urged that all the officials employed by the former governments, including those in the foreign ministry to return and resume their duties. “We call upon all the diplomatic staff deputed at the Afghan diplomatic missions and embassies abroad to resume their functions and duties as usual. They are our representatives, they should continue as usual and we would have no objections over them,” he emphasised. The appeal came in the wake of Taliban’s efforts to address and overcome all the issues in the functioning of the newly interim set up. Responding to a query, the foreign minister maintained that such principle would be applied to all those former employees of the ex-governments and asked them to report and continue functioning as usual. About ties with the world community, the foreign minister said the new interim set up of the Islamic Emirate would have no problem in dealing with any country. However, he made it clear that they could not allow any threat of slapping embargoes on Afghanistan and expressed willingness to hold talks with all the countries in a friendly manner. He reiterated that the new Afghan government wanted to forge good ties with all the countries. To a question regarding recognition of the Taliban government, Muttaqi said any country had not officially yet recognized the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. He said Taliban government had held several meetings with the representatives and officials of the neighbouring countries. These countries had expressed certain concerns and also approached them with some suggestions, he said adding that the new Taliban government was addressing them. Further elaborating his viewpoint, the foreign minister said each and every country had its own foreign policy, adding, if they were willing to recognize the Islamic Emirate, they would be welcomed. The Afghan minister said Taliban had been in total control of their homeland, and dismissed any concerns over conflict within the country, saying that ‘it is a good sign for the whole world’. To a question regarding formation of the new government, he said, on their part, they had announced ‘an all inclusive government’ few days back, having full representation of all the Afghans belonging to all walks of life. The foreign minister said most of the previous Afghan governments were imported from outside. He said they had an interim government in place which could be modified until they reached the final stage. Regarding a query about women’s rights, he said the Afghan society had their traditions which fully safeguarded rights of women. “All reservations regarding it were unjust and unfair and at the same time, unacceptable,” he added. Citing certain difficulties in the health and education sectors, he expressed his confidence that they would be able to overcome all such issues. Molvi Muttaqi also welcomed and appreciated the countries for sending humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan and especially mentioned Pakistan, China and the United Arab Emirates. He also appealed to the international community to assist the newly formed government of the Emirate in different sectors through financial aid and technical support.\9329/14/2021 8:11:53 PM