Advisor to PM appeals people for active participation in National cleanliness campaign

ISLAMABAD, Oct 16 (APP):Advisor to the Prime Minister on Climate Change Malik Amin Aslam has appealed to the people of Pakistan for active participation in national cleanliness campaign.
In a statement, the Advisor said it is a movement to make Pakistan clean and green through changing mindsets and behaviors of people.
He said that through this drive, we will focus on five key areas which include, plantation, solid and water waste management, building of new toilets especially in remote areas, Sanitation and hygiene. He said that environment is the foremost priority agenda of our government and we are rigorously pursuing it since the day one. “We have already initiated ten billion tsunami tree plantation drive a month ago and now we have launched a clean grean Pakistan initiative to bring behavioural changes amongst the people in accordance with the vision of PM” he said.
He said unfortunately Pakistan is amongst those top seven countries which are badly affected with climate changes.”Our agriculture sector is facing bad effects of these climate changes too. Growing seasons have been shifted” he added.
Minister further said that people residing in federal Capital are also facing water scarcity issues.
Therefore, we intend to launch a pilot project of water storage in Islamabad Capital Territory which would be the first project in our “Recharge Pakistan drive” and will further take it to the National level.

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