Acts of kindness, compassion make Madina a ‘welcoming destination’

Acts of kindness, compassion make Madina a ‘welcoming destination’

ISLAMABAD, May 14 (APP): The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia Press Attaché Dr. Naif Al-Otaibi on Sunday said Madina, the bustling holy city known for its significant Islamic sites, had earned praise from visitors worldwide for the warm welcome received from the local community.

In a remarkable display of generosity and compassion, Madina residents had taken it upon themselves to assist tourists in navigating the city and finding their desired destinations, creating an unforgettable experience for the visitors, he said in an exclusive talk with APP.

The Saudi Press Attaché said with millions of visitors flocking to Madina each year to explore its historic landmarks, such as the revered Prophet’s Mosque which is known as Masjid-e-Nabawi, it could be overwhelming for travelers to navigate the streets and locate specific places of interest. However, the people of Madina had risen to the occasion, going above and beyond to extend a helping hand to those in need, he added.

He said one young visitor from Indonesia shared a heartwarming encounter: “I was lost and unsure of how to reach the mosque. But a compassionate local noticed my struggle and generously offered to accompany me. Not only did he guide me to my destination, but he also shared fascinating insights about the mosque’s history and significance. It was an incredible and enlightening experience.”

Echoing these sentiments, a woman from Malaysia expressed her appreciation for Madina’s locals: “The people of Madina are incredibly welcoming and helpful. They willingly go out of their way to ensure that visitors feel comfortable and can navigate the city with ease. It’s a genuinely heartwarming gesture”.

Dr. Naif said for the residents of Madina, this act of kindness toward visitors was observed as a fundamental duty and they firmly believed in assisting those in need, taking great pride in exemplifying the values of hospitality and compassion that were deeply rooted in their culture.

He said the exceptional display of generosity and compassion in Madina had not gone unnoticed as numerous visitors had lauded the local community for their hospitality and benevolence. “It serves as a powerful reminder that, even in a world that can often feel distant and cold, there are still places where warmth and compassion prevail,” he expressed.

Being a resident, the Saudi Press Attaché eloquently stated, “We embrace visitors from around the globe with open arms, as it is the way of sharing our culture and expressing love for Madina. We sincerely hope that all visitors feel at home during their stay, leaving with cherished memories of their time spent in our remarkable city.”

He said that Madina’s unwavering commitment to welcoming and assisting visitors served as a shining example of the enduring power of human kindness adding that it reinforced the notion that even in the midst of a fast-paced world, acts of compassion could leave a lasting impact and make a destination truly remarkable.

He further said that Madina was not only a city of historical and religious significance but also a place where the generosity of its people made it an exceptional destiny to visit.

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