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ISLAMABAD, Oct 2 (APP): National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) on Coronavirus on Friday said that 39 new COVID-19 positive cases were reported from Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) during last 24 hours.

According to an official of NCOC, 30 cases were reported in last day in ICT while so far 16,650 confirmed cases had been reported from the federal capital.

He said that 2,228 COVID-19 tests had been conducted in last 24 hours while 15,947 patients had been recovered besides 182 deaths in ICT.

Meanwhile officials from Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) confirmed report of Coronavirus in its doctors, nurses and para medical staff.

Commenting on the situation, an official of Ministry of National Health Services said that several local level administrative decisions were made to control the disease.

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He advised the citizens to follow the social distancing, use of mask and other precautionary measures to stop increasing local transmission of COVID-19 in ICT.

He said that the government had adopted effective strategy to combat COVID-19 that resulted reduction in corona cases in the country. He said that present facts and figure of the disease show declining trend of coronavirus at all level due to prompt response of the government.

Expressing satisfaction over current COVID-19 situation, he said that all this was made possible due to team efforts and the efficient work of National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC).

He said that the main focus of the strategy was to control the disease on one hand and maintaining business activities of small and poor traders on the other hand.

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He added such strategy was successfully implemented to get results. He said that all concerned federal and provincial and public and private institutions played remarkable role under NCOC against the disease.

He said that all possible measures were adopted to control COVID-19 to avoid further load on already burdened health system of the country. He said that strategies were made to control corona, keeping in view the global information, focusing on data with integration of local data in a scientific way.

He made it clear that the government had not decreased the daily testing capacity but actually the testing figure was declined due to improving the corona situation.