ISLAMABAD, Oct 23 (APP): As many as 35 wind power projects
having a cumulative capacity of 1749.2 MW are at different stages
of development which will be operationalized by 2018.
Official sources in Alternative Energy Development Board
(AEDB) told APP that some 12 wind projects of 587.2 MW had already
been supplying electricity to the national grid system.
They said these projects included 50 MW FFC Energy Limited,
56.4 MW Zorlu Emerji Pakistan, 49.5 MW Three Gorges First Wind Farm
Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd, 50 MW Foundation WInd Energy-II Ltd, 50 MW
Foundation Wind Energy II Ltd, 52.8 MW Sapphire Wind Power Company Ltd, 50 MW Yunus Energy Ltd, 50 MW Metro Power Company Ltd, 49.5 MW Tapal Wind Energy Pvt. Ltd, 30 MW Tenga Generasi Ltd, 50 MW Master Wind Energy Ltd and 49.5 MW Gul Wind Energy Ltd.
The sources said five projects having 298 MW capacity had also
achieved financial close and were under construction.
Giving the details of the projects, they said 49.5 MW Hydro
China Dawood Power Pvt Ltd (Thatta) would be ready by November 2016, 49.5 MW Sachal Energy Development Pvt Ltd in May 2017, 99 MW United Energy Ltd in September and 50 MW each Jhampir Wind Power Ltd and Hawa Energy Ltd by February 2018.
They said some 18 wind projects of 864 MW were at different
stages of development and expected to be completed by 2018.
These projects included 50 MW each Three Gorge Second Wind
Farm Pvt. Ltd, FFC Energy Limited, Tricon Boston Consulting
Corporation Pvt. Limited, Tricon Boston Consulting Corporation Pvt.
Limited,Tricon Boston Consulting Corporation Pvt. Limited, Western
Energy Pvt. Limited, Hartford Alternative Energy Pvt. Limited,
Zephyr Power (Pvt.) Ltd, Shaheen Foundation, Trans Atlantic Energy
Pvt. Ltd.,Norinco International Thatta Power Pvt. Ltd., Act 2 Wind
Ltd., Artistic Wind Power Pvt. Ltd., Harvey Wind Power Project ,
Zulikha Energy Ltd, Gul Ahmed Electric Ltd., Din Energy Ltd. and 14
MW Burj Wind Energy Pvt. Limited.
They said all these projects were being set up in district