More Pakistani students expected to apply for admissions in Chinese universities


BEIJING, Dec 12 (APP)::More Pakistani students are expected to apply for admissions in the Chinese universities owing to the growing demand to learn Chinese language, culture and economy as well as increasing job opportunities under the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) framework. “The CPEC is moving on its fast track and there is a growing demand to learn Chinese language, culture, economy, etc.

It is expected this year even more students will apply to Chinese universities,” according to an article published by China Daily on Wednesday.
It is desired that considering demand and reputation of Pakistan, the Chinese government may also increase the quota of scholarships for Pakistan.
China offers thousands of scholarships to students in developing countries as part of its strategy of reform and opening-up. Almost all well-known universities are open to foreign students in all parts of the country. The number of foreign students has grown into thousands and this trend is set to increase year to year.
On the one hand, Chinese universities are rising in international rankings. Just two decades ago, there was no Chinese university among the top 500 universities in the world. But today there are dozens.
During the initial stage of reform and opening-up, the Chinese government sent millions of its students to the developed world, to the top universities, and developed a highly qualified workforce. On their return, they introduced a modern approach to education, research and innovation. The Chinese economy was booming and funds were not a problem.
On the other hand, West is closing its doors to developing countries for education by imposing strict visa restrictions and social barriers.
China has become a major source of human resource development for most of developing countries and at the same time, it helps Chinese strategy of internationalization and globalization. Chinese government scholarship is most attractive, but there are many other scholarships offered by local governments and universities. Chinese Academy of Sciences also offers attractive scholarships.
All interested students are encouraged to find the leading universities and apply for admission/scholarships as per the requirements of the respective university.
There is no guarantee that even if a student meets all the requirements, the university will grant him a scholarship. The competition is growing as the number of applicants is much more than the number of available scholarships.