Modi’s silence over attacks on Muslims encouraging India’s hardliner Hindus:WSJ


WASHINGTON, May 6 (APP): Muslims in India are under threat and a studied silence by Prime Minister Narendra Modi over a spate of
attacks on Muslims shows his turn toward hardline identity politics
ahead of national elections in 2019, a Wall Street Journal report said.
India’s secularists face their biggest challenge since independence
in 1947 as minorities rights are under threat and hardly a week goes
by when there is no attack on Muslims by vigilantes somewhere in the country, the report said.
Recently, Yogi Adityanath, a monk-cum-politicians best known for
creating a thuggish private militia and inciting anti-Muslim emotions
became the Chief Minister of India’s largest state of Uttar Pradesh.
Mr. Modi last year condemned some attacks on Muslims, but his
support for Adityanath and a mum on a spate of recent attacks shows
his leaning toward hardline identity politics ahead of the 2019
general elections.
“With the BJP ascendant – most serious observers expect Mr. Modi
to cruise to re-election in two years – India’s secularists face
arguably their biggest challenge since independence in 1947,” the
WSJ report said, adding that country’s long synonymous with
pluralism “may end up marginalizing its 172 million-strong Muslim
Many left-leaning intelligentsia is blaming the BJP and the
Hindu nationalist movement for the upsurge in anti-Muslim
Adityanath’s elevation shows that the party has done a poor
job of sidelining extremists. This begs the question: Why do so
many Indians prefer the BJP to its opponents?,” the report
While no single reasons can explain, it is safe to say that
traditional version of Indian “secularism associated with Congress
has lost favor.”
Secularists have lost the moral high ground to Hindu nationalists
by not taking terrorism seriously and secularists in the media and
politics need to acknowledge that their mode has failed.